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Jacobella Luongo is a bicoastal Italian American actor, singer, model and writer. Upon returning to New York City (where she was born and raised) after graduating from her BFA program early, Jacobella promptly landed her first audition with The Actors Project. There, she performed in Off Broadway slapstick comedy. She attended film training with Thompson Miliam and was hired as a spokesmodel and panel assistant at Phoenix Comicon.  She also performed with The Mercury Glass Theatre Company in classics such as Edward II. Jacobella has spent the past four years working in California and New York, thoroughly enjoying the bicoastal lifestyle. Jacobella recently collaborated with amazing artists to bring a new play, ‘what she found’, to life. The team was thrilled to take home four awards, Best Chorepgraphy, Sold Out, Hangover and Best Drama from New York’s Fridgid Festival. Broadway World announced their debut. Jacobella is currently starring in two webseries, ‘American Refund’ and ‘Results May Vary’. Current projects also include: ‘Old Main Street’ and ongoing indie DC shorts which include ‘Broken Wing’ and ‘Joker: Long Live the Prince’ where she stars as the infamous Harley Quinn. Another short film Jacobella starred in, ‘EMP’, recently premiered in Times Square in NYC. ‘Turning Tables’ was also nominated for awards in the Poppy Jasper Film Festival in San Jose California.

At the age of 17, Jacobella dropped out of her spot at Pittsburgh University after getting accepted to The Ward Acting Studio to study under Wendy Ward, one of New York's finest acting schools and teachers in The Meinser Technique. Jacobella later earned her BFA in Acting from Binghamton University, graduating early so she could return to NYC and audition.

As the daughter of an American model from Irish and German heritage and a Florentine actor turned restaurateur and master chef, art was a constant presence in her life from an early age. Jacobella, or 'Bella' to her friends, went to school in the United States but spent most summers with her family growing up in Tuscany. She fell in love with acting when she was very young. Her mother used to take her to see 'The Nutcracker' in their local town every holiday season and from the moment Jacobella saw the snowflake ballerinas dancing on stage, she said to herself "I want to be up there".