September 2019

Jacobella is thrilled to now be officially working with Righteous Talent LLC and Light & Salt Model and Talent Agency !

August 2019

With summer in full swing, Jacobella dove into development for some big new projects that are scheduled to go into production in May 2020. Stay tuned!

July 2019

Happy July! Check out Jacobella’s new Lifestyle / Hobbies section of her Gallery!

Jacobella is thrilled to begin shooting for a new indie short, ‘Berny’, in NYC this month.

June 2019

Jacobella is thrilled to announce her booking of the lead in a new short titled ‘Bernie’ which will be shooting in Manhattan.

May 2019

This month was spent running from meeting to meeting with possible representation and polishing marketing materials. Check out Jacobella’s new ‘media’ tab for films, commercials and more!

April 2019

’Turning Tables’ earned a third laurel from the Austin Mirco Short Film Festival! Jacobella is so excited to travel to Austin, TX in September for the screening.

Jacobella is so excited to continue to propel ‘Such A Good Guy’ forward on the NYC stage. The short musical is coming to the Take 10 Festival 2019 with Between Us Productions this month.

March 2019

Jacobella is excited to return to the NYC stage this month, reprising ‘Such a Good Guy’ this time at Manhattan Repertory Theatre. Performances begin on March 14th.

February 2019

Jacobella is thrilled to be hosting and modeling for the XCHANGE Fashion Festival for New York Fashion Week at Jump Into the Light Studios on Valentines Day. The show is excited to celebrate diversity through fashion, art and music. It will be a unique fashion and virtual reality experience.

Jacobella is performing in PLAYxPLAY’s featured new plays of February at Dixon Place Theatre in NYC.

January 2019

Jacobella is collaborating on a new short musical called ‘Such A Good Guy’ which she will be performing in this month at the Hudson Guild Theatre. The short will be part of New York Winterfest 2019.

December 2018

Jacobella’s official instagram account is launched! Follow @jacobellaluongo for all the updates, love of the art and all around creating.

November 2018

Jacobella’s film EMP took off after its online release. Hundreds of thousands are tunning in to watch the epic post-apocalyptic journey Julia and Parker embark on unexpectedly in the California forest.

October 2018

Jacobella was thrilled to work at New York Comic Con this year representing her company, Film 1799. She also had three films premiere this month both in California and New York. Joker: Long Live the Prince, Broken Wing and EMP.

September 2018

Wrapping two webseries an hour before she had to leave for the airport, Jacobella has officially returned to NYC until the spring! Shifting to focus on some theatrical projects in NYC as well as help found two bicoastal companies, Jacobella is very excited to be on her home turf.

Jacobella is also excited to accept the role of Dove in a new indie short Old Main Street which begins production in California in January.

August 2018

This month was jam packed with shooting for American Refund and Results May Vary. Broken Wing and Joker: Long Live the Prince are wrapped!

Jacobella also jumped onboard last minute with a great team for the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Festival! Sauce was nominated for best editing.

July 2018

What a whirlwind summer! As production continues on the first seasons of American Refund and Results May Vary, Jacobella is thrilled to accept the role of the famous Harley Quinn in two indie shorts: Joker: Long Live the Prince and Broken Wing. Jacobella is signed on to return as Harley in many more shorts to come!

June 2018

Production is in full swing for American Refund! The first teaser trailer was released. 

Jacobella is thrilled to accept another leading role as Blair in the new webseries Results May Vary

Jacobella is thrilled to be a part of the city of San Jose's 48 Hour Film Fest. Silent Therapy premiered at San Jose's 3 Below Theatres and Lounge to a packed audience. 

May 2018

Jacobella is thrilled to accept a leading role as Ava in the new webseries American Refund which starts production this month in California. 

The indie short Talk to Me has officially been released online! 

Jacobella also is grateful to be a part of a new celebration of art for the Warren St. Marks Community Garden in Brooklyn, NY. "Garden Theatre: An Afternoon of Site-Specific Performances" was a blast to collaborate on and perform. 

April 2018

Jacobella is very excited to have been offered the lead in a new indie short; Talk to Me. Production and shooting starts this month in California. 

And it's back to the big screen! Turning Tables was an official selection for Local Night at the Poppy Jasper International Film Festival

March 2018

'what she found' was the winner of the "Best Drama", "Best Movement", "Sold Out" and "Hangover" awards for NYC's FRIGID Festival 2018. Sold out almost every night and asked to extend an extra performance because of demand, the team could not be more grateful. The 'what she found' team is excited to explore the show's future and keep advocating for mental health rights and education. 

Jacobella also popped in by invite from her cousin Harry Connick Jr. for the finale of his talkshow Harry

Jacobella was also thrilled to return to the Playwrights' Center of San Francisco's 24 Hour Play Festival this month highlighting new playwrites and raising money to support new plays. 

February 2018

Turning Tables is set to premiere on the 23rd of this month at Cinema Femina in Milpitas! Bottoms up for an exciting new short film!!

Rehearsals are in full swing for 'what she found' with opening right around the corner on the 15th! Come join the campagin here: 'what she found' IndieGoGo

January 2018

Jacobella is so excited to announce that she will be reprising her role as 'B' in Megan Bandelt's 'what she found' which will be debuting in NYC's FRIGID Festival 2018. She is very excited to dive into rehearsals and open Valentines Day weekend at UNDER St. Marks Theatre in NYC's East Village. 'what she found' focuses on mental health awareness and how to make it accessible to a wider audience.

First press has been released for the show, thanks Broadway World!  

For information on the production, please visit the indiegogo page.

December 2017

Thats a wrap for EMP! Jacobella finished up two indies this month and also got her first shot at doing screen makeup for a background performer in EMP.  Trailer coming soon!

Jacobella also teamed up with Blush Bridal & Prom for a holiday gown shoot which will be featured throuhgout the coming new year. 

November 2017

The month of Indies! Turning Tables has wrapped and right along with it Jacobella booked two lead castings in the indie films Ring of Fire and EMP.  After wrapping Ring of Fire, a 1950's horror short, Jacobella is thrilled to be working with director Sebastian Chapela and producer Zack Gibson on EMP, a post apocolypic thriller. 

October 2017

Rehearsals for Turning Tables are in full swing! After some big meetings in LA, Jacobella is so excited to be rehearsing and shooting for a new Zero Waste Campaign Commercial for the city of Oakland.

September 2017

Starting the month off running!

Jacobella returned home to New York City and had the pleasure of acting in a workshop for what she found written by the amazing Megan Bandelt and produced by Rising Sun Performance Company on Governors Island. 

Jacobella was also thrilled to get new headshots from the infinitely talented Jason Moody Photo.  Check them out here on the front page! 

Jacobella was cast in a new short film called Turning Tables written and directed by Hilary Davidson which starts rehearsals in California later this month.

She is enjoying the true meaning of being bicoastal!

August 2017

What a jam packed month it was! 

Jacobella was cast as the lead in a short film called The Follower written and directed by Cat Montgomery. She was so thankful to have worked with such an amazing cast and crew. Look for the finished project in spring 2018! 

Jacobella also shot some scenes for the webseries Mega Voyagers written and directed by Tyler Art Productions.

Jacobella was thrilled to be a part of a wonderful Birdal shoot and portrait session with the amazingly talented and lovely Lara Onac Photography. It's always a pleasure to find a friend doing what you love.

July 2017

This month is all about film!

Jacobella is very excited to announce that she was cast as the lead in the short film Open Up, written and directed by Andy Chen of Locust Garden Films

Jacobella was also cast as the lead antagonist in a webseries, Mega Voyagers, written and directed by Tyler Art Productions.

Jacobella also was cast in a commercial for City of Oakland’s Zero Waste Campaign

June 2017

Jacobella was hired at The San Francisco Dungeon as one of their actors. Live, interactive theatre with a historical and spooky twist! 

May 2017

Collaboration is at the forefront this month putting final touches on ongoing projects. Let the editing begin! 

April 2017

This month featured myriad commercial auditions, as well as ongoing efforts in many other collaborations. 

March 2017

After much preparation, three of Jacobella's scenes were shot on location in NYC. 

Love and Information opened at the Schapiro Theatre after a whirlwind of rehearsals and anticipation. 

February 2017

Let the season of collaboration begin! Jacobella was so pleased start rehearsals and return to Columbia University School of the Arts in a collaborative production of Love and Information by Carol Churchill.

She also had a blast shooting with an amazing photographer and old friend, Ed Panganiban, on a project consisting of makeup design, costume design and character development bringing some of her favorite and iconic characters to life. Princess Leia and Belle to name a few. 

January 2017

Jacobella started pre-production for a series of 5 scenes that are self written, produced, directed and starred in. She is very excited to get these stories off the ground and work with such a fabulous team!

December 2016

Jacobella had a blast working on a festive holiday accessory shoot for Sincerely Glamour with Rose Garden Creative and Strength Cosmetics.  It was a pleasure to work with such amazing and talented ladies! 

Jacobella also had an awesome time working with the fabulous photographer Dylan Millsap (Dylan The Nomad) and Zavia Ahmed for some great new headshots! 

November 2016

Jacobella was hired as the house model for Roza's Design House, a new and upcoming bridal accessory designer in NYC. You can check out the RDH website here

October 2016

Jacobella loaded up on auditions and wrote a series of 5 scenes to be shot in the upcoming months. Look for the finished product soon! 

September 2016

Jacobella shot a coffee commercial that was submitted to a series of festivals in and around NYC.

June 2016

Jacobella was offered a position with The Playwrights Center of San Francisco as an actor performing new works that the Center's writers create twice a month for large Bay Area critics, producers and artists. 

May 2016

After much excitement, Jacobella had her Bay Area theatrical debut as Elizabeth Peters in 'A Rainbow Through Tears' at the Custom Made Theatre CO. In San Francisco. This production was a part of The Playwright's Center of San Francisco's 24 Hour Play Festival. 

After a successful run of 'A Rainbow Through Tears', Jacobella was hired to do a reading of the play for a theatre program at the City College of San Francisco. 

April 2016

After settling into the Bay Area for a short stay of a few months, Jacobella began work with the Playwright's Center of San Francisco as an actor preparing for their 24 Hour Play Festival, A fundraiser for the organization and a rapid fire production where playwrights and actors have a time period of 24 hours to complete a full show.  

February 2015

Jacobella began the official draft for a new feature length script she will be writing and starring in. 

December 2015

Jacobella had a blast helping form a scene from Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' for a devised piece assignment for the Columbia University's Directing class in which she played one of Dracula's wives. 

November 2015

'Trail 18' won the silver for Best Acting and the bronze for Best Picture, Best Directing, Best Editing, Best Cinematography and Best Screenplay.

Jacobella was also happy to revisit 'Antigone' with the Directing class at Columbia University for another scene performance. 

October 2015

Jacobella co-stared in, co-wrote and shot 'Trail 18', a short film for the SUNY wide Film 48 Competition.

She also had a blast working in a scene from 'Antigone' for the Directing class of Columbia University. 

September 2015

Jacobella was hired to work on the new short film 'Storytellers'. 

She also got to shoot some amazing new headshots and work with the wonderful Kate Lumpkin!

April 2015

Jacobella had a blast cosplaying and spokesmodeling for events around NYC and collaborating with producer Micah Brown on some of his new projects.

January 2015

Jacobella had a blast working on new artist Jena Gagliano's portfolio, creating new and innovative looks with classic characters.

November 2014

Jacobella loved collaborating with photographer Ed Panganiban and shooting at Chelsea Market in downtown NYC. 

October 2014

Mercury Glass Theatre Company's Edward II performances are in full swing at Teatro LATEA! 

September 2014

This month has been a whirlwind of rehearsal for the upcoming opening of Edward II at Teatro LATEA on the 25th.

August 2014

After arriving home from a week of medieval reenactment and martial arts, Jacobella started rehearsal for Edward II with Mercury Glass Theatre Company.

June 2014

Jacobella was hired to be a spokesmodel and panel assistant at Phoenix Comicon.

May 2014

Jacobella once again visited LA for an audition and some industry collaborating.

April 2014

Jacobella was hired for event hosting and spokesmodeling at events throughout NYC.

March 2014

Jacobella spent some time in LA where she attended industry parties and met her publicist Sheryl Dolley.

February 2014

Jacobella performed Off Broadway in 'Friday Night Fever' at the June Havoc Theatre 

December 2013

Rehearsals begin with The Actors Project for 'Friday Night Fever'! 

October 2013

Jacobella had her Off Broadway debut in 'Maybe It's You' at the June Havoc Theatre

Jacobella also attended the Paramount VIP Premiere of 'Last Vegas' in NYC.